EKG Master USB PC ECG System

EKG Master USB mini-acquisition module – the main part of our PC-based ECG system.

EKG Master USB PC ECG System

Last update: 16 July 2023

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Main part of our PC based ECG systems is EKG Master USB mini-acquisition module. This module acquires 12 lead standard ECG signals and transfers them to the PC. This is done by a tailored driver and WinEKG Pro recording and monitoring SW.

EKG Master USB and dedicated WinEKG Pro software operate on any desktop or notebook computers with a Windows operating systems.

Once the installation is performed, device will be recognized and the firmware will be loaded automatically. It is connected to the PC with its mounted-5 m long, application specific USB cable. ECG data can be monitored on the screen using one of the defined screen formats. Similarly, ECG signals can be printed-out using a Windows compatible printer. Screen and print-out formats, several operational parameters, and user information can be managed using the “Setup” window.

If the notebook is mounted on our special trolley, the system can be used as a mobile ECG device.

Patient information and ECG data can be archived using PC environment and special archive software. Special SCP-ECG format, picture format or PDF can be used for archiving. ECG data and reports can be shared between different users.

Using our ECG module and software, the device can be used for patient monitoring and all raw data can be stored in PC memory for period of 1 hour.



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